François Bourassa
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François Bourassa

His solo piano music is right on the line between composition and improvisation … Is Maurice Ravel dreaming of Paul Bley – or is it the other way around? – From the liner notes by Ethan Iverson

Artfully restrained, thoughtful and sensitive, a virtuoso with an ethereal approach to his material. Richly configured. – NYC Jazz Record, April, 2021

The pith of music is in the silences. People tend to overlook the importance of silence but, when used wisely, it can be moving and poetic. Silence has a powerful impact on listeners.

François Bourassa has become an international ambassador for Canada’s thriving jazz community. A paragon of both consistency and evolution, he continues to seek out new challenges for himself, his colleagues, and his growing community of listeners. This year, Bourassa releases his first solo album L’Impact du silence, recorded at La Buissonne in France. His touring band and main artistic outlet, the François Bourassa Quartet, celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2021.