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SuperNova 4

In thousand years, only three supernovas have been observed by the naked eye in the Milky Way. Chances that you’ll ever witness one of these titanic stellar explosions are therefore extremely small. So, don’t miss out on SuperNova 4! The veterans Jean Derome (saxophones & flute), Félix Stüssi (piano), Normand Guilbeault (double bass) and Pierre Tanguay (drums) approach their art with the confidence of a tightrope walker that has a security net. There is no fear of taking risks because each one of them knows that he can count on his band-mates to prevent any fall into the void. No wonder there is such a high degree of spontaneity in this group. The compositions are deeply rooted in the jazz and blues tradition, but at the same time turned towards the future and the cosmos. And there is a solid dose of contagious optimism that underlies everything.