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Jean Derome (flutes and saxophones) and Félix Stüssi (piano) have created « Papperlapapp » as a response to the challenges caused by the pandemic and to the need to re-invent themselves as artists. Due to the restrictions, the whole project is literally home-made. Confined in the pianist’s living room, they’ve recorded six of Stüssi’s originals, Derome has contributed three. The recording sessions were also filmed and the « covideos » can be watched by following the links on www.felixstussi.com. Stüssi has not only played the role of the audio and video technician, he has also designed the cover of the self-titled album, released on Effendi Records (FND 168) in December 2022 and distributed by NAXOS. In fact, only the final mix (John Klepko) and the mastering (Guy Hébert) have been realized out of the house. «Papperlapapp» is a German interjection which could be translated as «blah-blah-blah» – enough chatter, let the music play!