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Marianne Trudel

Marianne Trudel is a pianist, composer, improvisor, and arranger. A generous and engaging artist, a veritable powerhouse in Quebec and Canada’s instrumental music scene, Marianne Trudel has presented multiple artistic projects that not only bring her considerable skills to the fore but also her keen sense of creativity. Both energetic and passionate, her music cross-cuts a wide swath of musical interests. Her moving, spellbinding music is not easily labeled, one of its many strengths. Sophisticated and catchy, authentic and unique, all at the same time.

As a performer, she pursues an active career in a variety of settings ranging from solo performances to small and large ensembles. She has presented her music in various countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Italy, Hungary, Lituania, and China. She has published 8 recordings as a leader, all of which have garnered rave reviews and numerous nominations and awards (Juno, Prix Opus).