Dave Young
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Dave Young

Order of Canada recipient, Dr. Dave Young, is one of Canada’s most celebrated and valued bassists, composers, arrangers, and educators. Originally from Winnipeg, Dave has made his name known on both the Canadian and international stages in both jazz and classical music for the last 5 decades, and along the way has worked with some of the world’s top artists in various fields. Known for his elegant tone, impeccable time, and immense knowledge of musical history, Dave has been a first-call bassist for the likes of Oscar Peterson, Lenny Breau, Oliver Jones, Cedar Walton, and countless others.

Along with consistent performing, Dave has released an album every year for the last five years and 2021 is no exception. His latest album, ‘Mantra,’ releases on MODICA Music this fall and features well-known musicians Kevin Turcotte, Reg Schwager, Brian Dickinson, Perry White, and Terry Clarke.