Auguste quartet
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Auguste quartet

For a quarter of a century now, the Auguste Quartet has been happily traveling the world of jazz, playing only its original music. Thus, it has traveled to more than thirty countries on 4 continents, giving more than 400 concerts in trio, quartet and quintet and having published 6 albums.

Within the Auguste, we have seen and heard the talented Quebec musicians Frank Lozano, Jean Christophe Béney, Michel Côté, Rémi Bolduc, André Leroux, Samuel Blais, Yves Léveillé, Alexandre Grogg, François Bourassa, Pierre Tanguay, Jacques Kuba Séguin. The Auguste has also participated in several special concerts creating unforgettable musical encounters with great artists of the international scene such as Donny McCaslin, Ted Nash, Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Julien Loureau, Pascal Shumacher, Stéphane Belmondo, Sophie Alour, Pierre de Bethmann, François Théberge.

Today, almost exclusively in quartet, Auguste plays a fresh, acoustic and meaningful music for the world of modern jazz, guided by accomplices open to research and musical innovation in all its forms: MARIO ALLARD – saxophones; FELIX STÜSSI – piano; ALAIN BEDARD – double bass; MICHEL LAMBERT – drums.