Mercury LoriFreedmanNicolasCaloia Limmitationes
© Udo Preis

The creative mind has a beautiful and often mysterious way of organizing stimuli. External influences enter the body freely and are subsequently poked, nudged and organized useing a mysterious sifting process that has developed over years of practice. Lori Freedman and Nicolas Caloia have played, recorded, talked, and wrote together for about 20 years striving to develop a personal and singular sound. They are searching for a new aesthetic : unpredictable, untempered, and irregular, but with cadence, consonance, transparency and silence. The music which they seek is dynamic and conversational in structure and has a sensitive, thoughtful quality rich in polyphonic and gestural interplay. This music could be spontaneously explosive or discretely poised with an unforced cohesiveness.

Mercury’s music omits displays of technique and instrumental virtuosity and instead focuses on a virtuosity of listening, curiosity and playfulness.

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