François Bourassa Quartet

© Mathieu Rivard

François Bourassa—now with ten albums of original music under his belt—has become an ambassador for Canada’s thriving jazz community at an international level. A paragon of consistency and evolution and inspired by a diversity of sources, his award-winning eponymous quartet has been a staple of Montreal’s artistic landscape for more than 25 years. Since its creation, the group has featured bassist Guy Boisvert, saxophonist André Leroux and more recently young drummer Guillaume Pilote.

Their latest album Number 9 won a 2019 Opus Prize for Best Jazz Album of the Year and was nominated in the same category at the ADISQ Gala 2018. The album was also nominated for Best Canadian Jazz Albums of 2017 by Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen and for 30 best jazz albums of 2017 by Felipe Freitas, Jazztrail (USA).

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