"What is Jazz in Canada?" session

Archive – What is Jazz in Canada? – 2022 session

What kind of music do we consider as jazz in Canada? How do we keep the Canadian jazz scene alive?
As Canada is a large country, jazz music includes different trends and influences. The musicians, jazz clubs and festivals’ perception changes from one region to the other. Some have developed an audience for experimental jazz, others have opened their artistic vision to all music related to jazz.

Speakers: Maurin Auxéméry – Festival international de jazz de Montréal, Laila Biali – Musician, Tia Brazda – Tia Brazda Music, Josh Grossman – Toronto Downtown Jazz, Kodi Hutchinson – Calgary Jazz Festival, Jacques Kuba Séguin – ODD Sound, Jazz Crossing Festival and Gary Tremblay – Dièse Onze Jazz Club


This session was hosted and broadcasted at Jazzahead Trade Fair in 2022.