Why promote Quebec on the international scene?

EValentin JKSeguin M Feifel Quebec Jazz

Quebec is one of ten provinces and 3 territories of Canada. So why promote one province apart from the rest on the international scene?

As the one province with only French as its official language, Quebec has developed an effervescent culture and is an incubator of great talent that is well recognized in Canada and abroad. Get to know how organizations support the influence and recognition of Quebec artists on the international scene and how the jazz sector is organizing itself through the creation of the Regroupement jazz Québec.

Speakers: Elisa Valentin – Delegate General, Québec Government Office in Munich/Berlin | Jacques Kuba Séguin – Regroupement jazz Québec, ODDSound

Moderated by: Manuel Feifel – Cultural attaché, Québec Government Office in Munich/Berlin